How to Get Car Insurance Cheap – 3 Proven Car Insurance Tips to Save Big Bucks

How to get car insurance cheap? That is a million dollar question since as per today’s economic condition a pound saved is a pound earned. Most of the¬†Insurance vendor companies offer notoriously high premium rate and you will wonder how to save money on your premium bills. Don’t worry, if you follow the 3 tips below it is proven to bring the cost of insurance premium to a large extent.1) Go for a car which has safety and anti theft devicesDo you know that there are some insurance friendly vehicles? Some of the cars are a hot favorite among the car thieves. Before buying a car, make sure that you research on cars with less collision rates and theft ratio. Also adding safety and anti theft devices can put your car into the less risk category which is sure to secure you a cheap premium rate.2) Less Motor speed tickets, the better.Are you a safe driver? The number of speed tickets you have received will have a huge impact on the premium amount you will be paying for. If you are a safe driver and having clean driving record, insurance companies are willing to reduce your insurance premium drastically.3) Check with multiple vendors.Have you taken the quote from at least 5 insurance companies? The more number of insurance companies you are approaching, your chances of securing a cheap policy will be higher. Most people think that all insurance companies operate in the same way and they all view an insurance application in the same way. But it is totally different. Even though most of the insurance companies will ask for the similar information from you; the rating they are giving for each of the factors you have furnished will be different and you will be surprised to get really cheap car insurance.

Vacant House Insurance Tips and Advice

Have you been wondering whether or not your property is insured if you are away? The truth of the matter is that most companies will actually drop their coverage if you do not occupy the property for over 30 days. This is to reduce the risk the bear for covering vacant properties. You will need special coverage called vacant house insurance if you are going to be away from your home or property for too long.Vacant home insurance gives your property protection from any vandals or thieves that might break in. This can give you peace in mind to know that you don’t have to worry about something going wrong while you are away. Finding the right vacant coverage is very important to ensure that you get the protection that you need in your home.Another thing you should consider before you apply for vacant house insurance is the cost. Because providers consider vacant coverage to be riskier than regular coverage, you can expect to pay a slightly higher amount for your plan. You can help lower the cost of the insurance by looking at different providers that are available.The key to finding cheap vacant house insurance is to get different vacant quotes. You should go online and look up different insurance companies that offer the different plans. The internet is very useful because it is a fast and effective way to get quotes on your home insurance. Get at least 3 different quotes to ensure that you get the best rates available.